Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Adventure with My Father

Today my dad was diagnosed with Diabetes and told that he has to drastically change his diet. As a candy loving pasta fiend he is understandably upset about this sudden change.

 I am trying to convince him not to look at it as denying himself the food he really likes but to think of it as going on a “food adventure” where we find new things that he will like more then the junk he normally eats. To make the transition easier for him I have decided to be Diabetic with him so he doesn’t have to go it alone. From the small amount of research I have had time to do and the information I got from his doctor it is a very healthy diet with lots of veggies, brown rice, fish and other things that I already eat regularly. I am now searching the Internet and have scheduled some time with a nutritionist to figure out healthy and delicious foods that are easy and practical for him to prepare and eat. Since this is a manageable disease that affects a lot of us I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if anyone has any good suggestions for recipes, cook book, websites or good restaurants in the North Jersey/NYC are that cater to this dietary restriction or any other helpful places to look to help change this from a culinary jail sentence to a taste bud emancipation. Thanks for your help!

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